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Form I-693, Immigration Medical Examination


If you are looking to apply for a Green card or Permanent Residence in the United States, USCIS will require you to first get a physical examination. The medical examination must be conducted by a US Civil Surgeon, which is a licensed physician approved by USCIS.  Having the I-693 medical examination done correctly is critical, since the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will not process your application if it is done incorrectly.
We have the required form. All you need for your immigration physical is a photo ID, any documentation you might have of prior vaccinations and testing, and a form of payment.

We do the minimum required tests and procedures to fulfill the USCIS requirements. You should expect the following during the I-693 Medical Examination:

  • Physical exam
  • Blood Test
  • Urine Test
  • Tuberculosis testing
  • Vaccinations (please bring any vaccination records you may already have, whether from your country of origin or done in the United States)

Once the medical exam is completed, the Civil Surgeon will certify the Form I-693 and you will receive the completed form in a sealed envelope to turn in with your application to the immigration department.

Please DO NOT open the the sealed envelope or it will make your documents inadmissible to the USCIS. Our clinic will provide you with a copy of the documents contained in the sealed envelope for your own records. If you are working with an attorney, we will be happy to send the sealed envelope with the forms directly to the attorney if you want us to do it.

We make every attempt to fill your forms out right so your immigration process goes smoothly. Our track record is very good, and many immigration attorneys refer their clients to us for the immigration physicals. Our job is to conduct the examination in the way that is the best and most cost-effective for you, and in full compliance with the USCIS regulations. We make an effort
to explain our reasons for ordering this or that test or vaccination as we go along with the examination process. If anything is unclear, please make sure to ask. Read the following to be able to better understand the process and possibly save money and aggravation.

The medial exam conducted by our certified Civil Surgeons is valid for one year.


You are required to be immunized completely according to the standard schedule determined by the USCIS. If you have any immunization records, whether American or from your home country, please bring them in. It is best to have them translated, but we can usually figure out even the foreign records and apply all your immunizations towards your INS requirements. Once we know which extra immunizations you need we can give them to you or you can have them done at your primary care doctor’s office.

Children under the age of 19 need the most shots, so please make sure you bring all the available records. We don’t want to give them more shots than they really need.

If you would like to limit the number of immunizations you get, we can do a blood test to verify your immunity to certain childhood illnesses (so called titer). If you test positive for the disease in question, you do not need a shot. We recommend doing titers for measles, mumps and rubella. If you don’t know whether you’ve had chicken pox, we can test for it as well.

If you have had chicken pox (Varicella), you do not need a shot for it. If you don’t know if you have had it, ask your parents whether you did, and at approximately what age. We are allowed to take your word for this disease, but not for others.

Covid vaccine is required as of September 2021.  We don’t have it.  Please get it done elsewhere and bring proof of vaccination.



Lab tests.

The main blood test we do is for syphilis. This is required for all applicants aged 15 and older. If you choose to do titers for childhood illnesses (see above), they are added to the same test and you don’t need an extra needle stick. Sometimes we need to add other tests (blood or urine) based on the exam findings.

As of August 1 2016 urine test for gonorrhea is required for all applicants aged 15 and older.

HIV/AIDS is defined by the USCIS as “not an infectious disease of public health significance”, so we don’t routinely test for it.  If you would like to be tested, we can do it for you.


Tuberculosis Testing.

Skin test for Tuberculosis (PPD or Mantoux) is no longer accepted by the USCIS

You need a blood test called Quantiferon Gold.  If it is positive, you need a chest X-ray

Our charges

Most of our immigration-related charges are listed below. They are subject to change and may not be updated here immediately, so confirm with our coordinator when you come in or by phone. You may want to call other clinics to compare. This will not be covered by your medical insurance.  You can find all designated civil surgeons here:

When comparing clinics, make sure to ask how long you may need to wait to get the appointment. We can usually see you and get the forms finished within a week, and in some cases two days is enough. We have the lab and x-ray facilities on premises and do everything needed right away.

The explanation of our prices that follows may be confusing to many.  We are providing this information in an effort to be transparent. Pricing depends on several factors and may be different from person to person.  There may be different ways of handling a situation. We always make an effort to charge you as little as possible.  If something is unclear, please be sure to ask.  The charges can also be discussed with the doctor during your exam, at which time a full explanation will be provided, your options will be discussed, and you will have a say on how to complete your workup most efficiently and at the least expense.

Most adults should expect to pay around $584 (what’s included: doctor’s visit, RPR, Gonorrhea Urine Test, Quantiferon, MMR Titer, Tdap Vaccine) for everything necessary. It could be a bit more or less depending on what is needed.

The exam itself is $210 for adults and $190 for children under 15.  This charge covers all necessary visits and includes all paperwork, including preparation of all the necessary forms in sealed envelopes.

If we have examined you in the past for the same purpose, we will give you a 10% discount on all future immigration exams if you need them. This applies to the exam only, not the other fees. In many cases, no extra immunizations are required for re-examination.

Everything else is added “a la carte”. We will suggest the procedures necessary for the preparation of your form.
Our prices are very competitive because we negotiated a special deal on testing with our lab.

Here are some of the prices:

Chest X-ray: $70.00, including the required reading by a radiology specialist.

Blood test for syphilis: $45.00

Urine test for gonorrhea: $29.00

Quantiferon Gold blood test for TB: $100.00

Tdap Vaccine: $75.00

Measles, Mumps and Rubella Titers : $50.00. MMR Vaccine (if the titer indicates low immunity) $180.00

Varicella (chicken pox) Titer: $40.00. Varicella vaccine (if the titer indicates low immunity) $120.00

Flu Vaccine (available between September – April): $35.00

Refugee Immunization and K-1 Applicants Forms (not for adjustment of status): $60.00 (to fill out I-693 only).

Again, if you can have the necessary testing and shots done elsewhere under insurance, do it and we will accept the records.  This does not apply to RPR (syphilis test).  We are required to do it ourselves.

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