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We are here to help patients from a variety of nationalities including Mexicans, Ukrainians, and Indians. Patients from countries all over the world come to us for help with the immigration process because it can be confusing and challenging. Our caring, compassionate doctors are qualified US Civil Surgeons. We are here to help answer your questions and make your citizenship application as easy as possible!

We will help you with the I-693 or N-648 requirements

We will help you navigate the I-693 medical examination with one of our immigration doctors. If you need help with the N-648 waiver certification process, we are experts in that as well.

“For people looking for green card medical help and advice, Life Medical is a great place to come,” says Dr. Jacob Mirman. “We have staff members that speak Spanish and also those that speak Russian. That is one reason why we get so many patients from Mexico, Russia and the Ukraine. Many of our patients also come from India. Our costs are very reasonable and we have three providers that specialize in I-693 and N-648.”

Our I-693 charges are very reasonable!

Each patient can have some variables in the amount of testing necessary, but in for the majority of patients our costs are:

  • $255 – $400 – ADULTS (age 15 and over)
  • $210 – $310 – CHILDREN (under age 15)

NOTE: Our charges include an exam and sealed document. For adults a syphilis screening is also included. For some adults and children additional tests may be required based on completeness of available medical records. We do our best to keep the tests and costs to a minimum. We accept records of testing done elsewhere, except for the syphilis test (USCIS rule), so if you can get it done elsewhere under insurance, do it and bring records.

Our prices are very competitive on individual services.

It’s easy to get started

All tests and procedures including X-rays and most shots are done at our location all at the same time. All you need to bring with you for your immigration physical is a photo ID, any documentation you might have of prior vaccinations and testing, and a form of payment.

Call 952-564-3882, option 2, for an appointment. In many cases we can accommodate same day appointments.

Once the medical exam is completed for your green card medical exam, we will certify the Form I-693. You will receive the completed form in a sealed envelope to turn in with your application to the immigration department.

“Quality green card medical advice can be difficult to find,” says Dr. Jacob Mirman. “That’s why patients appreciate the experienced providers at Life Medical.”

NOTE: As of September 2021, Covid vaccine is required. You will need to get that at an alternate location such as CVS or Walgreens.


Jacob I. Mirman, MD, DHt, CCH, MHom

MirmanUS Civil Surgeon, Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Primary Care Medicine

Dr. Jacob Mirman has been conducting Immigration Medical Certification for more than two decades.

Dr. Mirman graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School and completed his residency in primary care internal medicine at Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. He speaks two languages including English and Russian.

Dr. Jacob Mirman says, “Patients come to Life Medical when they are looking for an immigration doctor. We are happy to help them with I-693 or N-648 requirements.”

Nina R. Bacaner, MD, MPH, DTM&H

BacanerUS Civil Surgeon, Internal Medicine, Travel Medicine, Integrative Medicine

Dr. Nina Bacaner has been conducting Immigration Medical Certification for more than two decades.

Dr. Bacaner is a board-certified internal medicine physician. She graduated from the Boston University School of Medicine and has a Master’s Degree in public health from the Harvard School of Public Health. She speaks several languages including English, Spanish, Hebrew, and some French.

“I am a qualified U.S. Civil Surgeon and my partner Dr. Jacob Mirman is a U.S. Civil Surgeon as well. Patients appreciate that we are kind and compassionate doctors.”

Jack L-M Mutnick, MD

MutnickUS Civil Surgeon, Internal Medicine, Allergy & Immunology Specialist

Dr. Jack Mutnick has been conducting Immigration Medical Certification for more than ten years.

Dr. Mutnick graduated from the University of Nevada School of Medicine, then completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Minnesota Fairview in Minneapolis Minnesota. Dr. Mutnick completed an additional fellowship in Allergy & Immunology at the University of Minnesota under Dr. Malcolm N Blumenthal, MD. Dr. Mutnick speaks English, some Spanish, and some Somali.

“Life Medical is a wonderful multispecialty clinic that provides excellent care and top rated immigration providers to help all patients through the immigration process. I am happy to help them with I-693 or N-648 requirements.”

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