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This is our first blog post about medical aspects of immigration to the United States.  We are a group of USCIS approved doctors, also called US Civil Surgeons.  We are certified to do USCIS immigration medical exam, and we do our best to be the most efficient and friendly USCIS doctors in town.  We work for the immigrants and do our best to help them get their green card medical exam done right and done quickly. We always try to minimize the immigration medical exam cost and the number of procedures necessary to get the immigration medical exam form completed.  We make sure we check all the right boxes, sign in all the right places, and give you a copy of the I-693 form so you or your attorney can make sure everything is done just right.

In the future blogs I will address some of the issues that are helpful for the immigrants to know before they come for their I-693 Civil Surgeon exam, including testing, immunization issues, I-693 form issues, etc.

Besides the I-693 civil surgeon exams, we also provide other immigration related services, including all types of waivers.  We have doctors of medicine and psychology on staff to be able to address any medical immigration related issue.

N-648 Waiver Certification (Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions) is a particular specialty for us.  We feel it is a matter of human rights, that all legal immigrants to the United States should be allowed to be naturalized, whether they are able to pass the naturalization exam or not, if they gave it their best effort.  Some people are just unable to learn English and Civics material necessary to pass the exam.  We feel they should not be discriminated against for their disability, so we do our best to work with the USCIS officers to help them see it correctly.

USCIS immigration medical exam (Form I-693) news for September 11 2015

USCIS just opened application process for some groups.  We are seeing a huge inflow of I-693 applicants in our office.  In order to accommodate everybody we added staff and hours, including evening and weekend appointment availability.  We pledge not to turn anybody away.

Save yourself some hassle and expense and read this chicken pox alert:

Most people have had chicken pox as children.  Few remember it because they were young.  If you have had chicken pox disease at any time of your life, you do not need a chicken pox (varicella) vaccination.  Having the disease once makes you immune to chicken pox for life. This is the only disease for which your word is enough!  Vaccination or disease records are required for other childhood conditions, like measles, mumps, etc.  Prior to coming to your I-693 Civil Surgeon exam appointment, call your mother and find out if you had chicken pox when you were little.  If she tells you you’ve had it, we’ll take your word for it.  If you are not sure what this disease is, look it up on Google.  This is a very common disease, most kids get it if they are not immunized, and there should be no stigma about it.

If you are still not sure if you’ve had the disease, we can test you for immunity to the condition.  The test will show if you’ve had it. It is inexpensive and may prevent you from the need to get two extra shots.  More than 90% of tests for chicken pox immunity we run in our clinic are positive, which means all these people have had the disease and don’t need the shots.

Some people quickly deny having had chicken pox when we ask them.  When we then ask if they know what it is, they admit that they don’t. Again, there should be no stigma about having had this common childhood condition. Do yourself a favor and look it up on Google! And before you call your mom, translate it to your language properly.

Now, to be sure, if you are not immune, you should get the shots for chicken pox, because having the disease in adulthood is not a good thing at all.  In fact, it may be dangerous.

Now for tuberculosis testing, a major requirement of your green card medical exam.   Try to get records if you’ve ever had a PPD skin test, also known as TST (tuberculosis skin test) or Mantoux.  If you’ve ever had a positive test, you don’t need another one.  Your word alone is not enough.  We need a record of the test with the date and result in millimeters.  If you have a record of positive test, we will proceed to chest x-ray as an alternative form of testing.  We can also do a blood test called Quantiferon, but this adds more expense ($100 in our clinic).  PPD is free.  The civil surgeon you see in our clinic will be able to counsel you on the best and least expensive method of testing acceptable for the USCIS form I-693.

I will repeat again: AM Physicians Civil Surgeons work for you, not the USCIS.  We make sure your form is done perfectly in accordance with the USCIS regulations but with the least expense and hassle for you. There are many legal and approved ways to handle different USCIS immigration medical exam issues.  If you are work with us openly, we can figure out the way which is the most advantageous for you.  This means you should be very honest and open with us.  Do not second-guess the civil surgeon’s intention: it is not in your interest.

Come back to our blog again for more information in the next few weeks


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